Apstar Tours has over 20 years of experience in tour operations in Ghana. Our tours are tailored to suit our guests, with a wide range of accommodation options to satisfy any budget. Ghana has a wide selection of hotels, ranging from budget hostels and guesthouses to 3, 4 and 5-star deluxe resorts.

We offer travel in our comfortable air-conditioned fleet of vehicles that includes salon vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, spacious mini-vans and full-sized buses.  Our well-trained drivers keep our fleet at the highest industry standards to our guests’ expectations. Transportation options exist for small groups, individuals and very large groups that can travel in managed convoys.

Our excursions take our visitors to any of our mentioned destinations.  We offer a variety of themed tours that can be done either as a stand-alone or combined together.  We offer this through the detailed itineraries that we are able to produce for our guests.  Our tours cover five main themes: –

Historical Tours – Explore the rich history of our destinations that take us through the most outstanding European castles built in Africa combined with an assemblage of forts dotted along the coast of West Africa.

Adventure & Eco-tourism – Explore the exciting depths of our leading tropical forest ecosystems as well as many ecological coastal areas and protected wetlands.

Educational Tours – Experience our educational and cultural tours that target those allocentric tourists who thirst to go beyond their horizon and desire cultural immersion. Our tours focus on the educational aspect of tourism.  Guests are able to benefit from selected topics of interest.

Cultural Tours – Join us in the celebration of life and the seasons all year round as we introduce our guests to our vibrant rich and colourful culture.  Get the experience of understanding, seeing and participating in exciting festivals.

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